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An Introduction to Epic Tuition: Every Pupil Is Capable

We are an independent tuition centre situated in Afifah High School. Our aim is to give you, the students, top-quality tuition at an affordable price as we don't think you (or your parents) should have to pay the often-extortionate private tuition fees. We want to give you more than just a one-off revision session to help you prepare for your upcoming exams.

At Epic Tuition we believe there is not enough help and support out there for GCSE and A-Level students. We offer a service that is in-between private tuition and revision sessions. We think that a combination of these will benefit you hugely, as in revision sessions it is incredibly easy to drift off while involved in an impersonal lecture.

We will give you the information in a clear, concise manner as in revision sessions, and we’ll give you individual help as you would have in private tuition. We want to provide year round "top up" classes that reinforce what you have learnt in school/college, and give you valuable exam technique to pick up those crucial little marks that can be the difference between a D and a C, or an A and an A*.

We want all our students to be the best they can be, so we push the most able students to reach the very top of their ability, and we make sure that the people who struggle with some of the basic concepts develop a more complex understanding.

Our Promises

  • We aim to give each student an individual approach to their learning
  • We promise to give each of our students one-to-one attention in all of our sessions
  • Our students will leave each session with a fresh or renewed approach to their subject
  • We will explain concepts clearly and logically
  • We will cover exam technique so you can pick up those last few vital marks
  • All our tutors are fully DBS checked (previously CRB)
  • A zero tolerance attitude to those who stop others learning, they will be asked to leave and never allowed back.
  • To provide an Epic lesson!

What do our students think?

  • Sharnah (GCSE Maths, Physics and Biology): “If these tutors were the teachers in schools everyone would pass with high grades. It’s really enjoyable and feels nothing like a normal school lesson.”
  • Tharira: “We are learning lots of university level information. The tutors are extremely helpful and fun!”
  • Omair: “It’s easy to learn and worth it!”
  • Deeba: “I have learnt a lot and found it very useful. Useful exam questions too!”