What we Provide

Our aim is for the best and brightest university students to share their ever-growing knowledge with keen and enthusiastic GCSE and A-Level students, like you! We believe that everyone should have a fair chance with their studies, and some schools provide more than others. Epic Tuition is here to give all students the chance they deserve, as well as pushing all students to reach their full potential, for the fantastic price of only £5.00 an hour! To pay, all you need to do is turn up and pay on the door.

Our sessions are taken by elite university students. They all have a wealth of experience in tutoring and are hungry to share their knowledge with young adults who have a passion to learn and expand their mind. It has not been long since our tutors were in the same situation as you, so not only do we give you academic support but emotional support too, as we know how stressful GCSEs and A-levels can be.

We have assembled a team of the best undergraduates/PhD students from the University of Manchester who all have experience in tutoring and have knowledge well above their years. Why don’t you take some time to get to know them…?

Meet our Team of Tried and Trusted Epic Tutors

Jasper Our GCSE Maths Tutor

Hi, I’m currently working as a maths support staff for 2 different high schools in Manchester. I have always enjoyed explaining concepts to other people, especially maths as I believe it is the most useful subject you study in school. It is the first GCSE all employers look at as it shows clear logical thinking, problem solving and an ability to think for yourself. It gives me great reward when someone comes to me with something they don’t understand and in 10 minutes they can answer nearly any question on that topic. I’m looking forward to helping you get fantastic results!

Tom Our A-Level Maths Tutor

I’m a third year physics student at the University of Manchester. I’m very passionate about physics, maths and computing. My A-level results are as follows (please note I sat my A-levels before the A* grade was available): Maths [A] Physics [A] Computing [A] AS Further Maths [A] AS Music Technology [A] I really enjoy helping students to develop their mathematical understanding and nothing pleases me more than seeing my students go on to succeed in their exams.

Kate Physics Tutor

I am currently in my third year of a PhD in Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Manchester, and achieved a first class degree in physics with astrophysics from Durham University . I currently help teach first year physics at the University and have experience in GCSE maths mentoring. My PhD investigates the problem of dark energy in the Universe, trying to find out what it actually is. This is done by writing computer simulations of the Universe at different time intervals to see how it has changed over time. In my spare time I like to go cycling (both road and mountain biking) and head down to the local indoor ski slope.

Paul Physics Tutor

I am a working towards a PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Manchester. I study the interactions of mesons and baryons using an effective theory known as chiral perturbation theory. The "chiral" bit means that we assume that left- and right-handed quarks do not interact (chiral symmetry), and the "perturbation theory" bit means that the equations can so far only be solved approximately, so we use Feynman diagrams to calculate results, with more Feynman diagrams giving us a better answer. I also enjoy mountain biking (where I often fall off), skiing (where I have broken several bones) and reading (where I am yet to injure myself). I look forward to sharing my Physics and Maths knowledge with you!

Abbie Our English tutor

Hello, I’m Abbie and I’m studying English Literature and German at The University of Manchester. I’ve grown up in Manchester and did my A-levels in Oldham. I absolutely love literature and language but I can completely understand how frustrating it can be to revise those kinds of things for exams, however, I’ve picked up some good tricks along the way! In my degree I study books from the medieval times to the modern day so I can help with a wide range of texts. I also study linguistics and creative writing as part of my course so language and literature analysis is what I do best

James Our A-Level Biology tutor

Hi, I’m studying Biomedical Sciences at The University of Manchester, where I’m also learning German. I’ve grown up in Manchester and did my A-levels in Oldham. When I’m not at uni, I like to go out in Manchester or play guitar. I really enjoy teaching, which is why I also teach English as a volunteer to parents with limited English ability. I finished my A-levels only a few years ago and know how hard they can be but also how to survive them and leave with decent grades. I look forward to helping with any problems you might have, so you can get yourself through these exams with the grades you want.

Rhiannon Our A-Level Chemistry Tutor

I’m studying Chemistry at the University of Manchester. I grew up in south-east London, went to a girls’ grammar school and got A*AA in my A levels. Most of my time, however, was spent doing athletics (sprint hurdles), for almost 6 years. I even coached the up and coming generation. Near to the exams we even used to desperately revise in the stands between races. I find chemistry incredibly interesting, so with my lessons I try to be as enthusiastic as possible and help people understand why it’s not just madness. I completely understand how stressful and hard exams can be (especially if you’re trying to balance the rest of your life at the same time) but I also know, from experience, that it’s not impossible! I want to help you through these stressful times to the best of my abilities.

How our Epic Lessons will be structured

We will provide you with both excellent content and knowledge, but we will also cover exam technique. Our sessions will be structured roughly like this:

  • 15 to 20 minutes covering the chosen topic, where the tutor will explain and outline the concepts clearly and logically so hopefully all the class understands what is going on.
  • The tutor will then work through a past paper question so the students know precisely how to answer the question, where the marks are gained and what to write to get those marks.
  • During the rest of the session, the tutor will provide a pack of past paper questions so the students can have a go at them while the tutor is around. Whenever they get stuck, the tutor will come over and give them one-to-one attention to solve the problem and make sure they now understand. Of course, each tutor will put their own spin on this, but every session will follow this general outline.