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At Epic Tuition we want the very best for your child. We want to see them excel and strive towards being the best they can possibly be. We believe the early years of a child’s education are the most important: it sets the vital foundation to lead to future success, whether it’s providing the necessary skills to shine at GCSE’s and A-levels or giving your child the enthusiasm to pursue a subject in higher education.

Our service is set up to nurture your child and to push them to unlock their full potential which the current system may fail to do. We recognise that even the most gifted of students could be let down by a system they have no control over whether it be because of the size of the class, the teacher not having enough time to focus on the needs of each child or simply because the current curriculum is not challenging enough. This is where we come in, our lessons are fully structured around the personal capabilities of each child; focusing on mathematics, english and an introduction to scientific concepts through fun and hands on experiments.

What we offer

We provide group lessons for children between the ages of 5-11 (years 1-6) in Maths, English and Science and the additional option of an 11+ class (see below for more information). Our classes will run for 5 hours from 11am-4pm with a 40 minute and 20 minute break in between. We offer all of this for the fantastic price of only £25 per child!

Why Choose us?

By now you might be wondering why you should send your child to Epic tuition and what separates us from all the generic tuition centres currently available. You should choose to enrol your child in our Epic Primary Classes because we will provide a top quality service at an unbeatable price that is unrivalled in Manchester. We recognise that the current primary system struggles to tackle education on a personal level and fails to give the students at each end of the spectrum the help they deserve with their adoption of a "one size fits all" mentality. We guarantee that we will give your child the individual attention they need whether they are already excelling and need a more challenging curriculum or whether they need extra help and support, and nurture them into realising their full potential. Whatever their circumstances, we promise that no one will be left to slip through the net and that each child will be given the individual attention they deserve by providing small group classes of no more than 10 children and so can guarantee that all children, regardless of ability, will be given the 1 to 1 attention they need to progress.

11+ Preparation

For our Year 5-6 class we will be running 11+ tuition designed to give your child that extra boost needed to pass those daunting entrance examinations. This will consist of an hour of verbal reasoning and an hour of non-verbal reasoning, alongside our regular Maths and English lessons (see timetable below). The lessons are designed to help your child with the vital grammar school entrance exams that are fast approaching. Though we recognise that entrance exams to each grammar school are different we also know that they have the same themes running through them and our lessons are fully structured to make sure that we hit them all. We have a fully qualified and experienced primary school teacher taking these lessons with firsthand experience on exactly how these tests work and what they look for to give your child the best possible chance of succeeding.

If you want your child to only do maths and english or only do the 11+ prep, then you can book them separately, just use the PayPal buttons below to select what you would like.

Epic Primary Timetable

Our Courses


Our Primary Maths lessons will be structured to give your child the essential skills required for their age group, and help them work at a higher level. Lessons for years 1-2 and 3-4 will be an hour and half in length and centred around improving basic arithmetic skills, learning timetables, an introduction to long addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as simple fractions. For Years 5-6, our lessons will be an hour long and will be centred providing the foundation for secondary school education: I.e. An introduction to basic algebraic concepts, more complicated adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and converting between fractions, decimals and percentages.


Our English lessons will be focused on improving your child's written, reading and verbal skills. For Years 1-2 and 3-4 the hour and a half lessons will be focused on basic sentence structures, spelling, phonics and reading skills, with an introduction to fiction and non-fiction. For Years 5-6 our lessons will be slightly different, being only an hour in length and will focus more on gaining the skills necessary for secondary school work, including: creative writing, poetry, persuasive writing, formal writing and an introduction to advanced punctuation and sentence structures.

introduction to scientific concepts

We only offer our Epic Science lessons to years 1-4, as this time will be used for 11+ preparation for years 5-6. Our science lessons are designed to be fun yet educational focusing on the visual and hands on side that some science experiments have to offer. Some examples of this would be an introduction to solutions, magnets and even a demonstration to simple chemical reactions in the form of the 'exploding volcano' experiment. We will also explain some of the basic scientific theories behind what makes these extraordinary things happen.

N.B: Please note that this is not an exhausted account of our lesson structures. If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email and we would gladly provide you with the necessary information. To Book your place you will need to click on the slides below.

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Years 1-2 Tuition

Click on the PayPal link below to pay for your child to registered on one of our Epic Primary Tuition days for Years 1-2. Classes are limited at 10 spaces per class for the amazing price of £5 an hour!

Years 3-4 Tuition

Click on the PayPal link below to pay for your child to registered on one of our Epic Primary Tuition days for Years 3-4. Classes are limited at 10 spaces per class for the amazing price of £5 an hour!

Years 5-6 Tuition

Click on the PayPal link below to pay for your child to registered on one of our Epic Primary Tuition days for Years 5-6. Classes are limited at 10 spaces per class for the amazing price of £5 an hour!

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